We love the river, its why we spend our time dedicated to improving your experience of it. As professional coaches we approach each course in a client centred way, building the course around each paddlers wants and needs. This guarantees a personal learning experience where you can develop the skills needed to be the best possible paddler you can be. Our wealth of knowledge and backgrounds allow you the personal experience where you are able to build skills only when you are ready both physically and mentally.

3 star

Core White Water

From your first paddle strokes in moving water Fluid Combinations are here to guide you. Our two day foundation course offers all you need to begin to explore moving water. You group will be kept small and personal. Thus allowing our coaches a unique opportunity to provide the building blocks and advancement methods for each paddler individually whilst you progress on grade 1 and 2 white water.

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5 star trn me

Intermediate white water

As you advance through the degrees of white water difficulty many problems are faced. We all know when our river reading lets us down. We all know if we are missing those progressive strokes. Fluid Combinations have developed this course just for you. This two day course will have you making better lines, river reading with confidence and paddling smoother and with more style.

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advanced ww

Steep Creeking

Running steep rivers require special techniques for safety and precision. The expert staff at Fluid Combinations know exactly what to offer in this extreme environment. Our two day course has been designed to give you the best possible foundation in steep creek river running.

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