Andy Grimes

(Managing Director)

Hi im Andy the managing director of Fluid Combinations Kayak Coaching and Guiding. I am a very enthusiastic and motivated coach about all aspects of coaching career, from working in the outdoors in all weather conditions to delivering high performance learning to a range of different learning styles. I have have worked as a coach since the day I left school and have gained a huge amount of experience. I am extremely passionate about helping others to further their abilities and personal experiences within the outdoors through the means of paddlesport. I believe that the outdoors can bring out the best in people and i strive to help others on that journey.


River Jabber Interview July 2012 (Canoe & kayak magazine issue 137)


Favourite type of paddling?

Steep Creeking

What's your favourite River or Run?

River Gamlan

Where is it?

North Wales in the Coed y Brenin forest

What makes it so special?

It has a fantastic clean slide at the top which can be paddled at any water level and is right next to the road for a quick before or after work run.

Whats the best experience you've had on it?

After a day of paddling 3 other local classic rivers in high flows in the day, we did a final run on the Galen at the highest level I've ever paddled it and was the best experience ever.  I'll never forget it!

And the worst?

Watching a good friend get pinned on a rock half way down the run and spending the next 10 minutes trying to get him off safely, but all was ok in the end.

Describe your ideal run on it, and your ideal team to run it with?

Having paddled some other local classic rivers in the area in the morning, with about 3 or 4 good friends, getting a final run down the Gamlen in high flows is a great ending to a perfect day and also makes a great photo opportunity.


Andy would also like to thank his sponsors SystemX Europe, Sweet Protection, Liquid Logic Kayaks and Werner paddles for all their continued support.

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